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In this study, you’ll find the most current and robust data on organizational models, staffing ratios, case management, issue trends, and more. We’ve heard from over 100 enterprise organizations to gather the latest intel on employee relations.

See 2017 data to plan 2018 strategies.

Key Findings

  • For every 1,000 employees, organizations will receive around 7.34 allegations of discrimination or harassment — almost double what it was last year.
  • Since last year, a third of organizations saw a significant increase in issues, and caseloads per practitioner have increased dramatically.
  • Organizations with centralized ER models use around 32 percent less ER and HRBP resources than those with decentralized models.
48 %
Allegations of Discrimination or Harassment Nearly Doubled From 2016
33 %
A third of respondents saw a significant increase in issues
Organizations with centralized ER models used 32% less ER + HRBP resources

Representing Over 3.5 Million Employees...

We heard from 112 companies representing 3.5 million global employees. Our data spans across industries, regions, and budgets to bring you the pulse of what’s really happening in employee relations.

  • Trending Employee Relations Issues
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Organizational Design
  • Rate of Issues
  • Case Management
  • Technology Adoption
  • And much, much more

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