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Get to know HR Acuity — the employee relations case management solution. Our mission is to equip organizations with built-in expertise to achieve consistency in the way they track, investigate, and analyze employee issues.

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We Believe in Doing Things the Right Way

In today’s volatile economic climate, with rising claims of harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination, the responsibility for HR to provide objective and well-documented employee relations is more critical than ever. Why? Because the way in which employee issues are handled has as much to do with the resolution as the issue itself.

This is the realization that led Deb Muller, an experienced HR professional, to launch HR Acuity — the employee relations case management solution. By partnering with HR Acuity, companies are able to mitigate potentially severe risks to their bottom lines due to lawsuits, damage awards, legal fees, and loss of employee morale and productivity.

Other HR case management solutions serve merely as a recording device. They help you document your process, but do nothing to improve it. That’s not the way we do things at HR Acuity. We understand that technology alone can't improve employee relations or reduce risk in your organization. We’ve combined proprietary methodology with world-class software to provide an employee relations case management solution with built-in expertise.

Our solution provides not only the software to help you document employee issues, but the methodology to help you map your process and define your corporate lexicon. You also gain support to ensure complete user adoption and system flexibility so that HR Acuity scales for your needs.

Our work is about instilling accountability, training leaders, and making lasting change within your organization. And our solution was built by people who know employee relations and understand your business needs. Because at HR Acuity, we believe in doing things the right way.

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