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Partner with Us

Employee relations case management is the next frontier of HR technology. Every day, we speak to businesses that are using primitive tools like spreadsheets or paper files to track and collaborate on highly sensitive cases. Join HR Acuity as we equip organizations to build a better future for their people and businesses. We partner with leading HR consulting groups, technology solutions, and content providers. If your business impacts HR or employee relations for organizations with 1,000 to 100,000 employees, we should talk.

Consulting Partners

HR Acuity’s consulting partners have a deep knowledge of HCM and employee relations, and leverage HR Acuity to expand their capabilities to service their clients. This relationship can be as simple as a referral or as deep as a reseller. Regardless of the path, the destination is the same — happy, loyal clients and increased incremental revenue.

Technology Partners

As HCM leaders, HR Acuity’s technology partners are focused on continued growth by enhancing their products' employee relations capabilities — providing customers a more seamless, user-friendly technology experience as they tackle their HCM challenges. We've built our product with a variety of connection options, from SSO to full integration.

Content Providers

Our valued content providers are strategic thinkers in the world of employee relations and have an interest in sharing their content to a larger market. We are passionate about partnering with other experts to share best practices and insights, whether on our blog, in our research, or during our annual Employee Relations Roundtable.

Why Partner with HR Acuity

Our software equips organizations to document, investigate, and analyze with greater consistency and rigor — to refine processes, reduce risk, instill accountability, and improve workplace culture. But we're always looking for like-minded partners to help our customers achieve these goals. By partnering with HR Acuity, your business could:

  • Open additional consulting lines of service using HR Acuity as a backend provider
  • Gain visibility into how your clients handle employee relations, opening up new strategic change management/training opportunities
  • Create a competitive distinction in a crowded HR tech landscape
  • Add a unique employee-relations-specific data set to your current offering