Sometimes software alone is not enough.

That is why we created our advisory services offerings; as a complement to the leading software we provide at HR Acuity

Employee Relations Advisory Program

HR Acuity is available to meet with executives and managers in your organization to analyze and recommend specific day-to-day employee relations strategies and organizational protocols. You may also choose to take advantage of our ongoing Advisory Program.

This unique program, the result of extensive research and ongoing client demand, was designed to improve overall organizational effectiveness when dealing with employee relations issues. Clients are appointed an Employee Relations Expert Advisor who will take responsibility for monitoring cases, conducting capability assessments and facilitating individual skills-based training to ensure the most appropriate outcomes and complete record-keeping.

Neutral Investigations

HOW an investigation is conducted can be the difference between a summary judgment for your company or a huge damage award to an employee. Sometimes, employee investigations are best handled by a neutral third-party. HR Acuity conducts all workplace investigations using the same 3 Step investigation methodology integrated into HR Acuity On-Demand.

Retained only when you need us, one of our seasoned Employee Relations Advisors will conduct your workplace investigations in a fair and unbiased manner. Our services include investigations related to improper employee conduct, sexual or other harassment, discrimination, policy violations, unfair treatment, disciplinary decisions and other employee issues.

Experience: HR Acuity brings you years of workplace investigation and human resource experience. Our partnerships with outside legal, security and forensic specialists enable us to tailor our techniques to your specific needs.

Impartiality: HR Acuity’s flawless reputation for conducting unbiased investigations assures that affected individuals perceive the process as fair and objective.

Methodology: HR Acuity’s proprietary process ensures thorough data discovery and accurate conclusions.

Confidentiality: Partnering with HR Acuity limits employee involvement in order to maintain confidentiality in sensitive situations.

Sensitivity: Seasoned HR professionals at HR Acuity are adept at working with employees at all levels, setting the proper tone and placing employees at ease to elicit candid and complete information.

Flexibility: HR Acuity’s accessibility and sense of urgency enable your HR and legal teams to remain focused on their daily responsibilities.

Skills Training

Investigation Acuity: HR Acuity offers our interactive investigation skills training program for your organization. Our comprehensive program, Investigation Acuity, is customized for your work environment and focuses on the development of workplace investigation skills with the use of HR Acuity’s proprietary investigation methodology. Participants develop and strengthen their interview and fact-finding skills through use of hands on exercises, role playing scenarios and immediate coaching.

Advisory Modules: HR Acuity Advisory Modules are created to most effectively and efficiently remediate and strengthen specific skillsets of your HR professionals. Different from traditional classroom training, the HR Acuity Advisory Modules focus on specific skillsets and incorporate real-time situations from your organization. Your HR Professionals will get actionable training and coaching from our Employee Relations Advisors, industry experts who will ensure that learning is practical, time spent efficient and the impact immediate.

HR Acuity Management Series:  The HR Acuity® Management Series is an interactive learning program designed to strengthen the skills of those responsible for dealing with the employee-related issues. By participating in these training modules, attendees will improve their knowledge and skills, increasing their effectiveness in their current roles and reducing organizational risk related to these types of matters. This program is ideal for supervisors and managers or new human resource professionals. All sessions are designed to be delivered as interactive webinars, but can also be facilitated live – either separately or as a full-day seminar.

Organizational Assessment

An expert Employee Relations Advisor will conduct a comprehensive review of your current organizational practices and processes related to employee relations and investigations. An assessment and recommendations will be provided that will focus on four key areas:





1:1 Coaching

HR Acuity’s 1:1 Coaching program is designed for key executives or managers who have been involved in a harassment or diversity-related issue. The customized sessions are tailored based upon the unique situation providing the executive with an understanding of his/her behavior, its impact on the organization and the resources and motivation to develop a more productive and lawful leadership style.

Through the use of assessment tools, role play and dialogue, the executive will better understand of how his/her behaviors affect leadership credibility, performance and morale of the organization as well as the related personal and professional consequences. Using your organization’s policies as a guideline, he/she will learn how to promote and lead a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. Prior to the conclusion of the coaching, the executive will develop a personal action plan for behavioral change in the workplace.