HR Acuity For Compliance Professionals

Compliance Buyer

``I NEED to protect our organization.``

HR Acuity creates transparency and documentation around employee interactions.


HR Acuity is for Compliance Pros

Proper compliance ensures a safe and productive workplace and reduces your organization’s legal woes.  HR Acuity enables you to move your company forward without worrying about documentation. Stop stressing over processes that should be easy and automatic.

Meet with executives and managers in your organization:

Analyze and recommend specific day-to-day employee relations strategies and organizational protocols.

Build a company-wide record:

With multiple users and the ability to keep track of investigations, you can build a record that lasts.

Keep it Fair:

Ensuring fair remediation is what HR Acuity does. Let us help you keep things appropriate, instead of a front-page headline.

Rest Easier

You can be assured that policies and practices are implemented consistently throughout the organization.