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Investigation Process

Investigations are tools used to uncover the facts surrounding an allegation, determine the involved parties, and analyze behaviors relative to company policies and laws. Some investigations will require interviews of employees and managers and even bring in outside investigators. Whatever your needs, HR Acuity On-Demand provides built-in expertise to standardize your investigation process and drive more consistent outcomes.

Make Best Practice Your Process

When an investigation is necessary, our proven three-step methodology guides you every step of the way.


Create a dynamic blueprint by organizing key information, including involved parties, issues, interim actions, and investigation team members. Identify unknown factors and prepare for interviews.


Gather facts and review documents using best-practice interview templates and evidentiary analysis. Use proven fact-finding protocols and techniques to ensure a compliant process.


Document findings and determine appropriate remediation. Review with and obtain final approval from organization stakeholders. Track communications and schedule follow-up.

Employee Relations vs. Investigations

Not all employee-related issues should be treated equally. Download this simple flowchart to determine whether a situation merits an investigation.

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