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Issue Management

We equip you with our proprietary methodology to effectively identify and investigate employee issues. Because doing things the right way is your only option.

Respond to Each Issue the Right Way

Categorize issues according to severity, so you can respond to every issue consistently and appropriately.

Green Light

When employee behavior falls within expected company norms, you've got the green light — no action outside the normal scope of HR activity is required.

Yellow Light

Issues that deviate from the norm, such as tardiness, performance, or "lack of respect," need to be documented thoroughly and monitored closely — they could signal a more serious trend.

Red Light

When a serious allegation of misconduct or unacceptable behavior such as harassment, retaliation, or discrimination arises, a thorough investigation is needed to protect the employees, the organization, and your brand.

Documentation or Investigation?

Discover how to determine whether a situation requires an investigation. We’ve developed this simple flowchart to help you evaluate and manage issues the right way.

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Make Best Practice Your Process

When an investigation is necessary, our proven three-step methodology guides you every step of the way.


Create a dynamic blueprint by organizing key information, including involved parties, issues, interim actions, and investigation team members. Identify unknown factors and prepare for interviews.


Gather facts and review documents using best-practice interview templates and evidentiary analysis. Use proven fact-finding protocols and techniques to ensure a compliant process.


Document findings and determine appropriate remediation. Review with and obtain final approval from organization stakeholders. Track communications and schedule follow-up.

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