HR Acuity Approach

Why Our Approach Matters

In today’s volatile economic climate, with rising claims of harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination, the importance for human resources to provide objective and well-documented employee relations is more critical than ever.

Partnering with HR Acuity, companies are able to mitigate the potentially severe risks to their bottom lines due to lawsuits, huge damage awards, legal fees, loss of employee morale and productivity. Why? Because our approach is different.




With some HR case management solutions, you receive technology that allows you to document your process; whether it’s good or bad, is irrelevant. Basically, it serves as a recording device. That’s not the way we do things at HR Acuity. We’ve combined our proprietary methodology with world-class software.

Sure, our software will help you document your process but our methodology will help your define your corporate lexicon, our people will help you get your process mapped out, our advisory services will help you conduct better investigations and our system flexibility will ensure HR Acuity scales for your needs.

The difference is that we realize just giving you the technology does not reduce risk.

Our work is about instilling accountability, training leaders, reducing risk and improving employee relations within your organization. Our solutions weren’t built by software people, HR Acuity was built by business people who understand the needs of our clients.

HR Acuity supports your whole team

Client Stories

Over the past several years, we’ve experienced consistent growth. With over 760 locations in 45 states, HR Acuity has made it so much easier for my team to provide effective field support on HR related issues to our managers and associates. Our senior leadership team loves HR Acuity and the info it captures. The monthly and ad hoc reporting provide key metrics, including topic and tracking information, which helps drive strategic discussions on risk mitigation or areas for improvement.

Jamie Kerkhoff
PHR Manager, Employee Relations
National Vision

Prior to partnering with HR Acuity, our employee issues were treated as individual events. HR Acuity not only provides us with the technology to record and track incidents, identify trends and create visibility to potential areas for improvement, they have helped us design and implement a standardized process to ensure fair and equitable treatment across the organization. HR Acuity offers far more than software. The HR Acuity Team engages with us to complement our HR team and offer a full-service solution.

Michael DeCicco
Director, Leadership and Organization Development
KONE Corporation

HR Acuity helps us keep our investigative information together and accessible. Some of the benefits are the ability to have information at our fingertips and the reporting gives our managers valuable insight into the issues that arise in our business.

Christi Farrow
Executive Director of HR and Payroll
Prestige Maintenance

I operate in a highly structured, heavily unionized environment, HR Acuity has the flexibility to fit seamlessly into our processes while enhancing our end product. HR Acuity On-Demand allows me to easily track and understand the employee issues that are trending across my organization and keep senior leadership informed as well.

Sharon M. Picus
Executive Director, Department of Human Resources
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania