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With today’s #headlines, you can't afford to keep doing things the old way. Transform how you document your employee relations issues to achieve consistency, improve outcomes, and mitigate risk.

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Standardize Your Process

Documenting day-to-day employee issues across your organization is now easy and standardized — resulting in more consistent data, experiences, and outcomes.

Get a Single Source of Truth

All documentation and issue details are stored in a central repository, so data is available wherever you are and whenever you need it, regardless of turnover or attrition.

Drive Proactive Intelligence

Built-in reports help identify red flags, concerning trends, or process gaps, so you can actively manage issues before they escalate and require investigations.

Better tools. Better processes.

One-page Process

Document cases quickly with our user-friendly process that removes the hassle and guides you to track the important details.

Automatic Reports

Generate court-ready documentation and tell the story of your data with the click of a button.

Letter Templates

Make sure employee communication is clear, compliant, and neutral with standardized letter templates.

Search of History

Access related cases regarding involved employees to identify potential trends or patterns of behavior.

See It in Action

We built our software with your employee relations process in mind. Take a deep dive and learn why HR Acuity is the leading employee relations case management solution.

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