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Post-hire and Exit Interviews

The employee experience spans from the day your employees arrive to the day they leave. Manage the entire process with consistency to improve onboarding, retention, and employee engagement.

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Improved Onboarding

Gather valuable, candid feedback to help improve your recruiting process and provide a consistent onboarding experience.

More Effective Interviews

Configure our interview templates to ensure questions are relevant to the employee’s role, level, and functional area.

Identify Potential Risk

Flag important issues to monitor with new employees and identify the real reasons behind voluntary turnover.

Interviews with Built-in Expertise

Configurable Templates

Standardize your interviews in a way that provides your organization the information it needs.

Mobile Access

Provide a user-friendly experience to all employees by allowing them to do interviews in person or online.

Immediate Reporting

Get instant data and insights into the entire employee experience.

Fast Analysis

Explore the connection between employee feedback, behavior, and organizational trends to get a deeper understanding of your workplace culture.

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